• Someone in audience: I love you!
  • Ingrid Michaelson: I love you, too!
  • Someone else: I love you more!
  • Ingrid: Fight to the death over me.
  • Oh Ingrid.

    Ingrid Michaelson When I Go
    Ingrid Michaelson
    When I Go


    The vinyl bonus tracks leaked from some kind soul who ripped them thank goodness. I bought the vinyl thinking they’d be on the download card and while it hasn’t arrived yet I’ve read that they’re not, that they are literally only on the vinyl, and I don’t have a record player so~


    Polka version of you and I last night(:



Oh yeah, so Sara Bareilles played at my high school💁

I never thought women were less than in any way until I got to high school. I remember that feeling when men and boys made fun of me. You’d say a joke and they’d say it louder. That’s why I wanted to be funny. I got competitive with boys who thought that they were overpowering and more funny. I just got louder and funnier. I became somewhat of a clown. I was like, “I’m funny and loud too so let’s bring it.” I’ve always had that combative attitude. A lot of times, after a show, some crew guy will say, “You’re really good, you’re really funny.” He’s shocked that I’m funny or that I’m good. I used to get mad when we were first touring. Tour guides would look down on me and ask all the stupid questions they’d never ask a guy. I try to laugh it off and maybe I make a snarky comment and make them feel stupid. I believe in myself and I’m very supportive of my female friends and artists. When I first started, there were definitely people who said I shouldn’t wear my glasses. But I hate contacts. I’m not getting Lasik and I’m pretty blind, so I’m wear my glasses. My mother wore her glasses never did her nails or made up her hair. I’ve never called myself a feminist, I just was one since birth.


    Me when Sara postponed the tour dates

@RitaWilson: @LauraBenanti @SaraBareilles and me giving smoldering looks to camera at WAITRESS reading.